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Waterless Pedicures?

Whenever I mention to people that I provide waterless pedicures, I get blank stares and the question; “Waterless pedicure?!

Waterless Pedicures Last Longer

When most people think about pedicures, they picture soaking their feet in a tub full of hot water with questionable additives. Ok, not all the things added are questionable. Sometimes aromatherapy is added to the soaker, other time tablets that turn the water blue are added. At Palm N Sole there is no soaking involved and the pedicure lasts up to a month. Soaking the feet prevents the proper removal of dead skin from the soles of the feet. A waterless pedicure skips that step completely and simply includes exfoliation of the soles of the feet. This one tweak creates lasting results.

Waterless Pedicures Are Safe

Waterless pedicures are safe for everyone and are recommended for the elderly community and diabetics. When removing the cuticle, no nippers are used; instead, a nail drill with proper bits are used making it safe for everyone, especially diabetics. Waterless pedicures are more sanitary. Waterless pedicures do not require the cleaning of bowls or whirlpool spas which eliminates bacteria that can be missed during busy times. Liners seem like a great alternative; however, plastic is permeable and will not keep clients safe in the event they are cut during a pedicure. Palm N Sole also only uses sterilized implements and safe foot files with disposable exfoliating pads. Some nail salons use what I like to call ‘cheese grater foot files’ on the feet. These tools are illegal and can cause cuts on the feet that do not go away, along with spreading infection.

Waterless Pedicures Are Amazing

Now that we have talked about waterless pedicures and what makes them amazing, it is time for you to experience it for yourself! See for yourself how relaxing and restorative they can be! At Palm N Sole, I have a zero-gravity chair waiting for you to lay back and snore in as I work my magic.

Why is Self Care Important?

Ever heard of the saying, 'you can't pour from an empty cup?' In a world where many of us take care of everyone and everything, most times we neglect ourselves! To be our best version, we have to consider that we too need to replenish our energy and a great way to do it is through Bodywork. At Palm N Sole, you have a safe space to fill your cup!


What do I need today?

Tense & Stressed ?
Achy Feet & Ankles ?
Long Toenails & Calluses ?

why a waterless pedicure is the best pedicure

Longer Lasting Results

A waterless pedicure at Palm N Sole can last up to 30 days or more.

Customized Experience

Everyone's feet are different and will need different levels of care. At Palm N Sole, pedicures are customized per individual.

Safe For Everyone

At Palm N Sole the techniques used makes this service safe for everyone, including the elderly and diabetics.

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Thai Yoga Bodywork

Our Working Process

What Our Clients Are Saying

Kash was amazing. The atmosphere was great, she's very strong too! I had an emotional release and it was beautiful. She's highly recommend. Book her and she'll change your life!
- Ron F.

This was such an amazing experience!!!!! My first time doing a Thai Massage and I was overjoyed upon completion!!!!!! Kash was sooooo professional, so honest, and took her time with my knee that was bothering me! I recommend this service for a subtle tension release!!!!!!!
-Brittany A.

Toenail Restoration

Do you suffer from unsightly nails from fungal infection or toenails that will not grow because of trauma from an accident or sports? Toenail Restoration is a great temporary fix, specifically for special occasions and vacation time. Wear open toe shoes confidently knowing that safe products are used by a knowledgeable technician that cares.

Hello! Here's what we recommend to get you started:

Thai Yoga Massage.

Thai Yoga addresses the soles of the feet to the crown of the head through compression and stretch on the floor mat. Yoga attire is encouraged.

Hello! Here's what we recommend to get you started:


Experience deep relaxation with traditional acupressure and foot massage

Hello! Here's what we recommend to get you started:

Waterless Pedicure

Keep your feet looking and feeling like new for up to 30 days with this safe alternative to traditional pedicure options